Eco-friendly gift wrapping

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping doesn't have to mean simply wrapping in brown paper and adding a gift tag — although it does make for a nice gift!

You can spice up that brown paper by adding your own Christmas stamps to the paper, you can add a colourful ribbon, add some leaves or natural elements to the gift, or you can simply add an old Christmas decoration you received in a Christmas Cracker. The options are endless and are most definitely not "boring".

If you're not into the traditional meaning of Christmas, but like to participate in the gift giving because it's fun, or you'd really like to share a gift with your loved one to say thanks for all they've done this year — then skip the traditional green and red paper and opt for something that will pique their interest.

Does your loved one like to take long trips in the car? Do they love boating or long for a far away trip?

Take and old (or new) map of your recipients favourite (or most desired) location and wrap up your gift in that. Purchased some fishing gear for your husband and he's always wanted to take a fishing trip to the Great Barrier Reef? Wrap up the gift in a map of the reef, I guarantee he'll be itching to know what's in the box!

Plastic Free Gift Wrapping
Xmas Gift Wrapped in a Map

Furoshiki: Gift wrapping with fabric

When you opt for eco-friendly gift wrapping, often it means you can easily skip the plastic, especially if you choose to wrap your gifts the traditional Japanese way. Furoshiki is the name given to cloth that Japanese used to transport clothing, gifts or other goods.

Not only is this style of gift wrapping 100% plastic free, it's also a beautiful way to wrap a gift. What better way to gift your Plastic Free book then wrap it plastic free? Further more you don't necessarily need to just wrap your book in fabric, you can also add a little plastic free gift on the outside.

Simply take a piece of fabric, bring the opposite sides of the fabric together (top left and bottom right), and tie in a a knot. Then repeat the process on the other side.

You may want to use a tea towel or apron to wrap your gift in, making it a two-in-one gift. As it's Christmas time, you may want to add a little extra effort to your gift and add another gift on the outside. We recommend eco-gifts such as a Long handle dishwashing brush, a wooden spoon, a bamboo hair brush or comb.

Make it a Two-in-One-Gift

Wrapping your gift in a gift — or adding a gift to your wrapping gift is the perfect two in one gift. If you've been following EORTH for a while now you'll know we are big fans of of the two-in-one gift.

We mentioned a few two-in-one gift ideas in last months blog on Gifting Without the Unnecessary Waste. One of our favourite two-in-one gifts is to use a beeswax (or vegan) food wrap. However these don't need to be used for wrapping only food. You can also use them to cover glass jars, or to wrap up some fresh cut flowers, or used to wrap your home made bar of soap or loaf of bread. So many options!

Don't forget though, that eco-friendly / plastic free gift wrapping doesn't end on Christmas Day. If you want to have a truly eco-friendly Christmas this year then remember to save all that wrapping paper, ribbons and trinkets so you can reuse them next year. You just saved yourself some time and money for next year's Christmas.

Want to make your kids super anxious on Christmas Day? Take your time when unwrapping their gifts to you. Unwrap your gift ever so carefully so that you don't rip any of the Christmas paper. It's a great way to watch those paper tearing types go crazy — plus you'll know that you can fold that paper up at the end of the day and place in your "next years wrapping paper" box. It's a win for the environment and a win for your pocket.

Small beeswax wrap on glass jar.
Two in One Gifts

Eco-friendly gift wrapping doesn't end on Christmas Day. Pack up that wrapping paper, ribbons and trinkets and put them in a box for next years eco-friendly Christmas wrapping.

Gifts that require no wrapping at all

If you won't be seeing your loved one for Christmas but still want to send them a gift — or you're looking for a last minute gift that doesn't require wrapping then electronic Gift Cards are the very best choice!

Of course we recommend that you select a gift card that will allow the recipient to purchase gifts that won't harm the environment — or better yet buy a gift card for something that will help the environment such as a plant a Rainforest e-card.

Whatever choices you make this Christmas, think eco-friendly and plastic free and you and the environment will be looking forward to a happier healthier eco-friendly New Year.


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