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Ecosia: Searching for a better future

One million trees for Brazil

After taking it's time to reach the mainstream media it's now well known that the Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate. Sitting in our homes far from the Amazon many of us are asking "what can we do?"

One action we can take is to search online, become more informed about the how and why of the situation. While heading to Google to conduct these searches is great, the way to make a difference is make the switch to Ecosia.

Ecosia is a search engine that donates at least 80 % of its profits from search ad revenue to planting trees. For every 40 to 50 online searches, using the Ecosia search browser, they plant a tree. Since forming the company back in 2009 they have raised over $3 million and planted over 30 million trees across the globe.

Aside from helping the environment, Ecosia doesn't sell your data to advertisers, they do not store your searches, and all searches are securely encryped.

If you’re wondering how you can help the Amazon rainforest, the answer is simple, make the switch to Ecosia.

Simply add the free Chrome browser extension, open Ecosia, search for details about the Amazon fires (as well as other searches) and watch their tree count grow!

In July this year, prior to the recent outrage over the fires raging in the Amazon Ecosia committed to planting 1 million additional trees in Brazil. Ecosia work in close connection with farmers in Brazil, teaching them about the benefits of maintaining a health forest, keeping soil fertile and spreading the word on how trees can be an alternative to soy production or cattle farming (soy and cattle farming are two commercial issues that are being blamed for the recent rise in fires in the Amazon).

“With these additional one million trees in Brazil, we are setting a sign: another world is possible and we will not back down in our efforts to make it a reality”, says Ecosia CEO, Christian Kroll.

For more information on the Ecosia search engine, or to start searching visit

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Ecosia: Searching for a better future

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