Ice cream in minutes: without the plastic


Trying to avoid plastic in your home requires making changes to the way you currently do things, or making changes to how and where you purchase household products. But not every Plastic Free change requires replacing or purchasing an item, or simply skipping foods you enjoy. Ice cream for example, typically sold in a plastic container or paper container lined with plastic—it's a luxury item that you might not want to give up.

What if I told you, you can have your ice cream and eat it too and be plastic free at the same time!

If you eat bananas, and you're not one of those unusual people who eat the whole hand of bananas before they turn soft, then you've probably got a bunch of frozen bananas stashed away in the freezer—set aside for a banana bread baking day. A great way to use up those frozen bananas, or any other frozen fruit you might have in your freezer, is to make delicious homemade ice cream. This simple recipe will please any dinner guest—it's vegan, contains no preservatives, and best of all it's zero waste and plastic free.

For this recipe we've used frozen mango and frozen bananas. Bananas and mangoes can be placed in the freezer with their peel on. When you're ready to use the frozen fruit—leave them on the kitchen sink to defrost a little. You can speed the defrosting time up by running the frozen fruit under warm water. How long it takes to defrost will depend on the temperature of your location, if you live in the tropics this is going to take less time than if you live a snowy mountainous area (who wants to eat ice cream on a cold day anyway?)


  • 4 Frozen Bananas
  • 1 Frozen Mango


Remove the skin from your bananas and cut the mangoes in half away from the seed. If you've left the fruit out too long and it's too soft, put it back in the freezer to re-harden.

Cut the frozen mango just like you would a fresh mango or an avocado—slice the flesh into cubes while still attached to the skin and push the peel upwards from the bottom making the flesh pop up from the skin and allowing you easily to cut the flesh away from the peel.

Place the fruit into a food processor and blend, this should take less an a minute to blend into a soft smooth texture. And presto you have ice cream. Yes it's that simple!

Top your ice cream with your favourite fresh fruit, passionfruit makes a great topping.

This soft serve ice cream is best eaten right away, however if you're making the ice cream for a special occasion or a dinner date you'll want to put the ice cream into the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour until it hardens. Place a metal ice cream scoop into a bowl of boiling hot water and form your freshly blended fruit into a round ball.

Place the formed ice cream balls back into the freezer and remove 30 minutes before serving, allowing the ice cream to defrost. The amount of time you leave the frozen dessert out will depend on where you live—you may need to experiment with timeframes if you're making the dessert for a special occasion.

SERVES 4 - (3 scoops each serving)

Enjoy your plastic free ice cream and congratulate yourself on another successful day of Plastic Free January.



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