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The first trademarked deodorant was released in the United States in the late 1800s. This paste form deodorant was packaged in a small tin jar and just like today was applied under the arm pits.

It wasn’t until the late 1950s (around the same time plastic manufacturing started gaining steam), inspired by the design of the ball point pen, the same manufacturers released a new roll on deodorant called Ban Roll-On. Unlike most roll on deodorants today, the main vessel for holding the liquid deodorant was housed in a glass container, the liquid was released using the same plastic rolling ball technique used in modern plastic deodorant packaging.

Years later a aerosol perspirant spray deodorant was released. Although immensely popular at the time (and still used today), aerosol deodorants lost their stronghold in the market in late 70s due to scientific evidence showing chemicals released from the aerosol containers were harming the ozone layer. In the late 1970s the decline from aerosol usage increased the popularity of push up deodorants. Single use plastic packaged push up deodorant is still one of the most popular forms of deodorant on the market today.

And herein lies the issue. These popular deodorants are packaged in plastic, and the majority of this plastic is either not recyclable or simply does not make it to the recycling stream. We need to reduce the amount of plastic consumed, as recycling plastic is clearly not the answer to the growing plastic pollution problem we face today.

Modern day alternative to a roll on deodorant or plastic push up tube?

As with all single use plastic items, the solution is to simply stop buying single use products packaged in plastic. But if not a plastic tube then what?

Like the slogan “Earth before Plastic,” referring to EORTH (Earth) being a period in time before plastic existed on our planet—we need to go back in time with our preference of deodorant packaging.

There are many deodorants on the market today that are in paste form and also packaged plastic free in a metal tin. Woohoo deodorant paste is sold in metal container and is available in four different scents. Wild, Urban, Surf and Mellow (an unscented pasted specifically formulated for sensitive skin).

Does the thought of putting your finger into some paste, then applying under your arms make you a little uncomfortable?

After years of conveniently picking up your single use plastic container to apply your deodorant, it’s understandable switching to a plastic free method may require some adjustments in habits. At EORTH we can assure you, that applying a little paste under your own clean arm pits really is not as icky as you may think. It’s no different than using your hands to apply moisturiser to any other part of your skin.

If you’d like your Plastic Free beauty routine similar to the one of “single use plastic convenience” offers today, then a deodorant in a cardboard push up tube may be more suitable for your plastic free bathroom.

Ethical Balance deodorant have not only developed a natural, effective solution suitable for any gender, the deodorant is conveniently packaged in a cardboard tube. Once your deodorant tube is empty it can be easily added to your compost, making it the ultimate plastic free, zero waste deodorant.

Ethical Balance vegan deodorant is made in Australia from all natural Australian ingredients.

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