Plastic Free July: The challenge and the journey

Plastic Free July: The challenge and the journey

July has arrived, which means it's time to get started on the challenge — The Plastic Free July Challenge.

Not familiar with Plastic Free July? It’s an awareness campaign that started in Perth, Australia and has now transformed into a world-wide challenge that takes place during the entire month of July.

The aim of the campaign is not only to raise awareness around the growing problem of plastic waste, the campaign challenges participants to say no to single use plastic reduce their use of single use plastic throughout the entire month of July. That’s 31 days of living life with less plastic! 💚

If this is the first time you’re participating in Plastic Free July, you’re in for a great challenge, as well as an amazing journey.

When first participating in the challenge and learning about the issues surrounding plastic pollution it can be incredibly overwhelming.

Instead of getting overwhelmed at all the changes, simply do the best you can. As you continue throughout the journey, you’ll learn there are many alternatives to single use plastic. Once you’re familiar with those “better” alternative options — always opt for the better way.

Do the Best You Can Until You know better - then do better

This “Plastic Free July” strive to do your best at eliminating as much single use plastic from your daily life as you can. But remember not to get disheartened when you slip up.

If you accidentally order take-away coffee in a single use cup, just remember to better the next day. Forgot to bring your keep cup — skip the plastic lid on the take-away cup.

The point of the month-long challenge is to have you to consciously thinking about the choices you make.

They say it takes 30 days of repetition to make major changes in your life.

Starting a new exercise program? Give it 30 days and you’ll be hooked. Quitting smoking? Give it 30 days and you’ll be on the path to a living a healthier lifestyle (Cigarette butts also contain plastic, so this is a great challenge to undertake during the month of July!)

Plastic Free July is no different — give it 30 days (okay 31) and you’ll be on a new lifelong journey that'll have you saying no to plastic and yes to reusables!

Get more tips on: Getting Started on your Plastic Free July Journey.



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Catherine Anne Earle

Author Bio - Catherine Anne Earle

Thanks for reading about living a plastic free lifestyle, I'm Cathy the founder of EORTH Australia, an online store that stocks only plastic free products.

I started EORTH after participating in a Plastic Free July many years ago. Prior to that first Plastic Free July I considered myself to be a fairly environmentally conscious person. A few days into the Plastic Free July challenge I soon became awakened to just how damaging plastics were to the environment, and that although I was conscious of my consumer choices, plastic was still very high on my list of consumables.

After lengthy searches for alternatives to plastic products I soon realised that there were a lot of eco stores to sold some plastic free products, but very few really got down to the heart of the plastics issues and said a big hard "no" to selling products that contained plastics — and that is exactly what EORTH is all about.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management and was the owner and founder of Sun Peaks Independent News, a community newspaper based in British Columbia, Canada.

After moving back to Australia several years ago I now reside in my hometown of Cairns and operate EORTH in the beautiful beachside suburb of Palm Cove, Queensland.

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