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Plastic Free Laundry: Wool Dryer Balls


Wool Dryer Balls in Cardboard Packaging

Wool Dryer Balls are a natural, plastic free fabric softener. They’re also toxin free, zero waste, and perfect for any load of laundry—including your delicates.

No matter whether you live in northern Australia where laundry is hung on the line almost all year round, or if you live down south where a dryer is used a little more frequently. Every location has its rainy days, and those days are not ideal conditions for hanging the laundry out to dry. It’s during the rainy days that we switch on the dryer to get the laundry dry.

Forget the dryer sheets (used once then discarded), or liquid softener, bottled in plastic—choose a reusable, plastic free method instead—a wool dryer ball.

You may have heard of the tennis ball technique for softening your clothes in the dryer. Or perhaps even tried this method and stopped after the noise became too much. Wool dryer balls are soft and will quietly bounce around in the dryer, reducing static and wrinkles from your clothing, bedding and nappies while making them lovely and soft to the touch.

Environmentally Friendly

The true benefit of using dryer balls is the benefit you’ll be giving back to the environment. Using a dryer ball reduces drying time by up to 25 per cent—this reduction in drying time will reduce your energy bill, thus saving you money in return.

Dryer balls are the perfect zero waste addition to your laundry room. Aside from the reduced emissions for dryer use time, wool dryer balls are also 100 per cent plastic free and biodegradable. A dryer ball will last thousands of loads, after which it can safely be added to your home compost, allowing the balls to break down naturally.

If you have young children in your home, you won’t need to worry if your balls were to accidentally get into small hands or chewed on. Wool laundry balls are chemical free, non-toxic and can double as a safe toy for the kids to play with around the home. You may however want to keep them out of reach from cats, who’ll have an equally fun time tossing them about the house!

How do you use a dryer ball?

Wool dryer balls are placed into your tumble dryer with a wet load of laundry. The balls can be conveniently stored on one of the paddles inside the dryer between uses. How many dryer balls you need per load will depend on the load of your washing. For a small/regular load of laundry 3 dryer balls is sufficient. For larger, heavier loads you may want to use double the amount of dryer balls.

Like your clothes to not only be soft and fresh after they are dry, and also have a lovely scent like a dryer sheet would leave? Wool Dryer Balls can be scented by adding a few drops of your favourite pure essential oil before placing them in the dryer. Before adding oils ensure nobody in your family has an allergy to the scent as it will be left on all entire load of laundry.

EORTH’s wool dryer balls are made from Australian wool, they are packaged plastic free in a 3-Pack cardboard box.

Enjoy your fresh plastic free laundry load and Happy Plastic Free January.

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