Bamboo Clothes Pegs
Bamboo Clothes Pegs

What once seemed like a great replacement for a wooden peg, has turned out to be yet another common household product that’s contributing to the planet’s growing plastic pollution problem.

After a year or two, a plastic peg will start snapping apart in your hands. Plastic pegs are not recyclable and will definitely end up in landfill.

In a previous post EORTH looked at two great options for environmentally friendly clothes pegs. The Bamboo Peg and the Stainless Steel Peg.

Bamboo Pegs

Bamboo Clothes Pegs in cardboard box

Unlike its predecessor (the wooden peg), a Bamboo Clothes Peg won’t stain your clothes. And unlike a plastic peg which will degrade into smaller microplastics, it’ll take quite a few years before the bamboo peg starts to biodegrade. When the bamboo section of the peg starts to break down, the metal section should be removed and the bamboo can either be placed into your compost—or simply tossed into your garden to break down naturally.


  • It’s a sustainable material, that not only effectively absorbs carbon dioxide, but also emits up to 30 per cent more oxygen than an equivalent area of planted trees.
  • Requires no pesticides or fertiliser and isn’t routinely irrigated.
  • Is not only a beautiful looking plant, it’s also 100% biodegradable.
  • Bamboo grows fast, with some varieties growing up to a metre a day!
  • Bamboo requires half as much water as regular trees do.

Stainless Steel Pegs

Stainless Steel Wire Pegs

Stainless Steel Wire Pegs are the Maserati of pegs, especially if you’re opting for a 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Peg. However when you purchase high quality stainless steel pegs—you’ll never need to buy another set of pegs again. These stainless steel pegs will last you a lifetime. Don’t live by the ocean? Then you probably don’t need the highest-grade stainless steel peg. A 304 Grade Stainless Steel peg is also a great choice.


  • The higher the quality the less chance you’ll have of rust.
  • Wire Pegs won’t burn your fingertips in hot weather (we’ve tested these pegs at 42 degree heat in Far North Queensland, and no burnt fingertips to report).
  • Wire pegs will hold your laundry safely on the line and are suitable for windy conditions.
  • Wire Pegs are easy to open and stainless steel pegs don’t leave marks on your delicate clothing.

No matter what peg you choose, make it a Plastic Free choice and you’ll be a winner either way.

Happy laundry hanging, and Happy Plastic Free January.

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