Wire Clothes Pegs: Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade


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Made from high quality stainless steel wire!

Grade 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Clothes (40) pegs come packaged in a drawstring cotton bag, convenient for storing your wire pegs.

Unlike plastic pegs, these wire pegs will last a long time and won’t break down due to the harsh Australian heat, nor will they fall apart in your hands. The entire stainless steel wire peg is made up of just one single piece of wire.

If you’d like to leave your pegs on the clothes line after you’ve removed your laundry from the line or you live within close proximity to the ocean Stainless Steel – Marine Grade 316 are your best option.

Do Stainless Steel Pegs heat up in the sun?

It’s often thought that the steel pegs will be hot to touch after sitting in the hot sun all day. Nobody wants a peg that’s going to burn their fingertips when removing laundry from the clothes line! There’s no need to worry about your wire pegs heating up in the sun, the loop in the top allows air to flow through the peg therefore lessening the ability for the peg to heat up. EORTH have been using wire pegs in the tropical FNQ 40+ degree summer for over 2 years, and we can happily report there’s been no burnt skin nor have we encountered any rust on the pegs!

Will my Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Pegs rust?

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs are the highest grade stainless steel wire peg available. Should you encounter any surface rust on your pegs you can soak them in a CLR solution to remove the rust.

Will metal clothes pegs blow off the line in windy conditions?

Although they are a sturdy, heavy duty and long lasting peg, stainless steel pegs are also gentle on your clothes and will hold tight to the line.

How many stainless steel pegs should I buy?

A bag of 40 stainless steel pegs is usually enough for a 2-person household (that does a fair amount of laundry each week). If you have a lot of laundry then you’ll want two bags of pegs.

Not sure which Stainless Steel Pegs are the best for your clothes line? Read EORTH’s guide to finding the Best Environmentally Friendly Clothes Pegs.




59mm (L) x 2mm (D)


40 Pegs


Cotton Drawstring Bag

Made in

Packaging Designed in Australia, Pegs made in China

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Kim G.
pegs by the sea

I recently purchased these pegs for my sister who lives by the ocean. She reported that she was very happy with them. I was very happy to be able to give a gift without plastic!

A EORTH Australia Customer
Daniel M.
Great clothes pegs

These are just the best clothes pegs: the design allows for amazing grip and the wire is strong enough not to bend under pressure. Very happy with these, and the bag is very handy.

Sarah O.
Just as described and feel strong

Just as described and feel strong. Very Happy

Marshall w.
Quality clothes pegs with added benefit

Excellent quality and quick delivery. More than washing pegs; I use a couple to hold oven paper to a pizza peel so that pizza base doesn't stick and slides off easily into wood fired oven. No problems as stainless steel only melts around 1400C and paper at 420C while cooking temp. is about 350C. Works like a charm.

EORTH Australia

That's great news Marshall - glad they worked out for you.

Super Peg

We're so pleased to be done with the snapping plastic pegs that spiders love to hide in. These are wonderful and by virtue of their material and design we take better care of them. I would never use anything else again and I have recommended them to other people. This all sounds like false praise but you hang on my every line, I assure you.