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Bamboo Clothes Pegs


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Biodegradable Bamboo Pegs are the ultimate Plastic Free Clothes Peg. Bamboo Pegs will last longer than a plastic peg and when they’ve finally reached their use by date, the wooden bamboo peg can safely be placed in your compost to biodegrade.

Bamboo Pegs are plastic free, incredibly strong and durable in Australia’s harsh UV conditions. Bamboo is a sustainable, naturally organic material.

Bamboo Pegs are the perfect product to help to reduce waste in your laundry room.

Not sure if Bamboo Pegs are the right choice for your clothes line? Read EORTH’s guide to finding the Best Environmentally Friendly Clothes Peg.

Why Choose Bamboo Clothes Pegs?

Bamboo Clothes Pegs are the perfect alternative to a plastic peg. They are strong and durable and will have a longer lifespan than a plastic clothes peg. One major environmental advantage of using a bamboo peg is that when they do eventually reach their end of life, you can remove the metal and compost the bamboo. This makes these pegs the ultimate zero waste product.

Caring for your Bamboo Pegs:

It’s not recommended you leave your bamboo pegs on the clothes line as they have a tendency to get discoloured. At EORTH have been using bamboo pegs for over a year now, and unlike the plastic pegs they replaced, the head of the peg will not snap apart in your hands.

If you’re looking to replace your plastic pegs with Bamboo Pegs then you may like our Plastic Free Starter Kit, which includes Bamboo Pegs and other great zero waste options to get you started on your plastic free journey.

Looking for the most durable peg available in Australia? You’ll want to opt for a Stainless Steel peg.




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