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Dental Lace – Silk Dental Floss Refills


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Biodegradable Dental Floss Refills available in Australia.

Is your refillable Dental Lace glass jar empty? Refill the glass storage jar with one package of silk floss. Each Dental Lace Refill package contains two 30m spools of Dental Lace.

Dental Lace refill floss is packaged in polylactide acid bags which are created from the lactic acid in plants, and are certified compostable. The dental floss is not wrapped around any plastic, and after use the discarded floss can be added to your compost.

These 100% silk Dental Lace floss refill packs are packaged in a small cardboard box that is 100% post-consumer fibre certified — FSC and PCF free. The box is manufactured using renewable biogas energy and printed with soy-based inks.

This dental lace is coated with Candelilla wax and has a natural mint flavouring.

Need a refillable silk floss container? Select from Blue or Pink or Grey glass jars.

Why choose Refillable Dental Floss?

Both the packaging of your standard store bought dental floss and the floss itself are made of a combination of materials, the majority of which is plastic. Even if you were to add the plastic container to your recycling bin, it’s too small to be processed, and will eventually end up in landfill. After use the floss itself is headed straight to landfill — it is made of a nylon fibre, and cannot be recycled.

The simple waste free solution? Use dental floss that is zero waste: biodegradable and compostable — stop single use plastic at the source.

Are the Dental Lace Refills Vegan?

Dental Lace does make a vegan version of their refillable floss. The vegan refill floss is made from bamboo charcoal and PET rather than silk. EORTH do not stock the Vegan Dental Lace refills. If you are seeking Vegan dental floss refills, we carry Flosspot Gold Vegan Plastic Free Dental Floss Refills.

How do you use the Refillable Floss?

To get the best results from your Dental Lace, cut the desired amount of lace from the metal container (we recommend 30-45 cm). Wind the floss around each of your middle fingers, leaving a few centimetres of floss in the centre.

Hold your Dental Lace quite tight between your thumb and index fingers and slide it gently up and down between your teeth. It’s not recommended to force the floss as it may cut your gum tissue.

Once used the floss can be added to your compost. When you’re ready to refill your container, simply unscrew the metal lid and add a new refill floss to the glass jar.


Dental Lace


Cardboard Box and Compostable Bag

Made in



100% Mulberry Silk, Candellia Wax, Natural Mint Flavour

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