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Sugar Wrap Compostable Cling Wrap – 30m Roll


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SugarWrap Compostable Cling Wrap is made from corn based PLA, which is typically used for sealing food items to keep them fresh over a longer period of time.

Sugar Wrap range is just as functional and durability as traditional petro-based plastic cling wrap, except it’s certified home compostable! The sugar wrap compostable cling wrap has an estimated composting timeframe within 12-24 weeks.

30m Compostable Cling Wrap with perforated portions.

  • Superior puncture, tear and heat resistance.
  • Microwavable โ€“ can be used to heat up or defrost food in the microwave as well as stores in the freezer.
  • Can be used for frozen foods.
  • Vegetable-Based
  • Food Safe โ€“ hygienically store food preventing contamination and food-borne illnesses.
  • SugarWrap eco cling wrap is made from plant-based corn PLA which is great for you and great for the environment.
  • Can be composted in aerobic, industrial composting facilities.
  • Certified Home Compostable.

Compostability Standards

Sugar Wrap compostable cling wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic cling film. Regular plastic cling film will not break down naturally in the environment. Sugarwrap eco cling wrap is certified home compostable:

  • Perfect for wrapping deli meats, baked items, cheese, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches and leftovers.
  • Film Size 30cm x 33cm perforated film.

Using and cutting your compostable cling wrap

The cardboard package housing the cling wrap does not contain a metal tear strip. This cling wrap comes with perforated lines, when you pull the compostable cling film out of the cardboard box, it’s best to use the perforated lines as your guide to cutting the wrap. Pull the compostable cling wrap up (where you can visually see the perforation) towards the cardboard cut box. The cling wrap will easily tear away from the roll when cut at the correct location.

Please note: while this product is certified for both industrial and home composting, it needs to be added to a home compost system in order for it to break down. For more information about compostability please visit our blog post: Biodegradable or Compostable

It won’t compost if you don’t compost it.

We are currently testing this product in our bio-test patch and home composting system. Results to follow!




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Made in China

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Katherine W.
Love the idea but too sticky

I really love the idea of compostible cling wrap! However this product is unfortunately really hard to handle as it is sticky and difficult to rip away from the roll.