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Cotton Net Produce Bags (4 Pack)

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Organic Cotton Net Produce Bags. Box contains a set of four 30cm x 40cm net bags, with a sturdy drawstring to keep your items secure.

These great lightweight bags replace the need for plastic bags when shopping for fruit, vegetables. Tare weight is listed on the top right corner tag of the bag, for ease of use when purchasing fruit or vegetables.

Go plastic free, zero waste on your grocery shopping trips—add cotton net produce bags to your must have shopping supplies.

Organic Cotton Net Produce Bags are the perfect solution to replace plastic bags when shopping for fruit, herbs or vegetables. This Cotton Net Produce Bag Box set contains four bags organic produce bags. The cotton net bags have a convenient draw string to keep your produce secure.

Cotton net bags are 100% plastic free and machine washable. The mesh design allows you to see your purchased produce. These net bags are not only incredibly convenient to use when shopping, you’ll be the envy of shoppers around you wondering “where can I get those beautiful net bags?”

Although these cotton net bags are designed for produce they are very versatile and can also be used as a laundry or cosmetic bag when heading out on plastic free travel trips.

  • Natural Organic Cotton Net Produce Bags
  • Zero Waste Produce Bags
  • A Sustainable Plastic Free Product

Ever Eco


Wrapped in white tissue paper, tied with hemp rope.


Responsibly made in India. Premium, unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton.

Care Instructions

Gentle machine wash in cold water and air dry. Please note slight shrinkage may occur. Reduce shrinkage by stretching out the fabric while damp.

Tare Weight

Listed on Bag Tag: 35g/1.23oz

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