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Made from natural bamboo stick and cotton, made with love for Mother Nature. Most cotton buds on the market today contain a plastic stick, which will not break down naturally.  Luvin Life Bamboo Cotton Buds are environmentally friendly and made with a natural bamboo stick and cotton tip. These zero waste bamboo cotton swabs are packaged in cardboard and are 100% plastic free!

Create the ultimate zero waste bathroom with 100% biodegradable plastic free bamboo cotton buds, they’re also a great tool for applying, blending, touching up or even removing cosmetics!

Show mother nature you care, make the switch to an eco-friendly cotton bud.

Cotton Bud Usage:

It is not recommend that you insert bamboo cotton buds into your ear canal. Doing so has been known to damage the eardrum over time, leading to loss of hearing.

Did you know?

  • Bamboo is actually considered a grass and can grow up to two feet per day. This strong healthy plant has no genetically modified varieties, does not require pesticides or fertiliser and is not routinely irrigated.
  • Throughout the world cotton buds are often listed in the top 5-10 marine debris items most commonly found on the beach. *
  • Cotton Buds are washing up on beaches near many of Australia’s sewage ocean outfalls.*
  • Researchers have found cotton bud fragments in seabirds and whole sticks in turtles. Like other plastics, once ingested the fragments may remain trapped in the digestive tract or cause damage.*
  • Polypropylene (the most commonly used for cotton buds) is particularly effective at concentrating certain pollutants, associating buds with even more toxic chemicals.*

* Source: BetterBuds.org.au 

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Rebecca M.
Bamboo Cotton Buds

Fantastic! Australian owned and environmentally friendly. Delivery was super fast as well. I will be a return customer and will tell my friends!

Melinda B.
A Must Have!

LOVVVE!!! Are more effective than the plastic kind. Am unsure why plastic ear buds haven’t now grown into extinction

Vicki S.
love them

love them