Ecococonut Bottle Brush


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It’s recommended you clean your reusable water bottle regularly to ensure your water is fresh and tasty with every sip.

The Ecococonut Bottle Cleaning Brush is plastic free and made from natural resources. This bottle brush is free from toxic chemicals and the coconut fibre head is naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

The shape of this product allows it to clean hard to reach places.

Apart from the obvious why do we recommend using the ecococonut bottle brush?

  • The bottle brush is made from biodegradable coconut fibres and wood handle.
  • This is a plastic free product.
  • Coconut is a naturally anti-bacterial material.
  • Unlike plastic cleaning brushes the ecococonut brush is eco-friendly.

Perfect for cleaning:

  • Baby Bottles: Cuts through grease and eliminates left over residue.
  • Wine Glasses: Designed to get into hard to reach places, and delivers a superior clean!
  • Reusuable Water Bottles: Cuts through mould and is naturally anti-bacterial.



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