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Ever Eco Bamboo Spork – Zero Waste Cutlery

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Ever Eco Bamboo Spork: the perfect reusable bamboo cutlery for using on-the-go. Say no to the plastic take away knife and fork and choose to take your own! The bamboo spork is a two in one, that’s great for lunches: fork on one end and spoon on the other. Great for both salads and soups.

Ditch the plastic cutlery and opt for a zero waste all-in-one bamboo spork. The spork has been hand crafted from 100% bamboo and it’s beautifully finished with food grade vegetable oil

Using a spork is both functional and convenient. It fits perfectly in a lunch box or simply place one in your glove box or handbag for those moments when you feel like take away but the shop only offers plastic cutlery. This spork may be lightweight but it’s super sturdy and bamboo contains naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial properties.

Your spork wearing out from too much use? No problem, just pop it in your compost and allow it to return back to Mother Nature.

Not recommended for dishwashers. Avoid soaking in water for long periods.


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