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Every Day Zero Waste Set


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Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set with Cotton Pouch

Sustainable and convenient reusable bamboo cutlery set. A great alternative to single-use plastic cutlery.

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Joco Reusable Glass Cup 8oz - Sandstone

The Joco lid of this glass cup has been engineered for an anti-splash experience, allowing you to drink your beverage, not wear it!

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Long Handle - Cotton Net Tote Bag

Long Handle reusable Organic Cotton Net Tote Bag: perfect for carrying your daily essentials.

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The Every Day Zero Waste Set is a combo of three items every Zero Waster can use on when out and about. The set includes: Bamboo Cutlery Set with Travel Pouch (Bamboo knife, fork and spoon), a large 12 ounce Joco Glass Reusable Cup, and a Short Handle Cotton Net Tote Bag.

This three pack makes a perfect gift for those on-the-go or pick one up for yourself and make sure you’re prepared for your daily out and about activities.


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