Noosa Basics Vegan Dental Floss – Plastic Free Packaging

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Noosa Basics Vegan Dental Floss – Cinnamon


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Noosa Basics Vegan Dental Floss comes packaged in a small cardboard box perfect for travelling. The cardboard box has a small metal cutter inserted in the top of the box that’s used to cut the vegan dental floss. Noosa Basics Vegan Dental Floss will freshen your breath in an instant, the bamboo charcoal fibre floss has been been infused with activated charcoal, coconut oil and antibacterial essential oils.

Noosa Basics Vegan Dental Floss comes in three different flavours: Spearmint, Aniseed and Cinnamon.

Noosa Basics 100% Vegan waxed Dental Floss is free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners and harmful additives, and is organic and cruelty free.

* Please note: Noosa Basics Vegan Dental Floss is made from a mix of nylon and bamboo fibre, which is not biodegradable. If you are looking for a non-vegan, plastic free, compostable dental floss you may prefer silk Dental Lace.

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Noosa Basics


Cardboard Box, Metal Cutter. Product contains a small plastic spool inside.

Packed in

Australia with Imported Ingredients


Bamboo charcoal fiber, Natural Vegan Candelilla wax, Virgin Coconut Oil, Essential oils of Myrrh, Manuka, Clove, Peppermint, Cinnamon Leaf

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