Organic Natural Soapberries – 500g


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Organic Soapberries are the perfect zero waste, plastic free cleaning solution. That Red House Soapberries are 100% Australian owned. That Red House Soapberries are packaged plastic free and are wild harvested in the Himalayas. They the perfect alternative to single use laundry detergents, and are also vegan, compostable and 100% natural.

One 500g bag of soapberries will wash up to 180+ loads loads of laundry.

Organic soapberries are not only for laundry, they can also be used as a liquid soap substitute, although not recommended for washing dishes or removing grease from hands.

Using Soapberries for Laundry:

To use your organic soapberries, place the equivalent of approximately five shells into the small cotton bag provided with your berries. Add the bag to a normal load of washing, and remove the bag with shells inside when the load completes.

Do not discard these used soapberries, as the shells can be used for around 4-5 wash loads before they should be placed into your compost.

If your laundry is more soiled, use warm water in your wash (approximately 40 to 60 degrees).

You’ll know the soapberries are no longer effective, when they are thin and brittle. At this time the used soapberries should be added to your compost where they can break down naturally.

* Please note: The shells from a soapberry will take longer than most organic waste to break down.


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