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Flat Rate Delivery $7 <500g | $12 >500g
FREE Shipping > $75

Earth Before Plastic – Swedish Kitchen Cloth


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Earth Before Plastic, EORTH design Swedish Kitchen Cloths.

If you’ve never used a Swedish Kitchen Cloth before, then you’ve been missing out on an effective cleaning solution! It’s the perfect addition to any zero waste, plastic free kitchen. The Swedish kitchen cloth material is made from 70% wood cellulose from FSC certified forests and 30% cotton. These plastic free kitchen cloths are biodegradable and compostable and microfibre free.

Swedish kitchen cloths will last for 3-4 months before you can safely add them to your compost where they will breakdown and return back to nature.

The eco-friendly alternative to a kitchen sponge.

How do I care for my plastic free kitchen cloth?

Swedish Kitchen Cloths can be added to your load of laundry and washed with your regular clothes. The cloths will withstand dryer heat (should they get accidentally placed in the dryer), however they are made from a lightweight material and will quickly dry once removed from the washing machine.

How are Swedish Kitchen Cloth different from any other cloth?

When you receive your new dishcloth it will be represent a stiff texture. To use the cloth you simply wet the cloth and clean as usual. The cloth should then be placed in an area that allows it to dry between uses, however just laying it flat on the kitchen sink will also work. When the biodegradable dishcloth starts to dry it will return to its stiff textured material. Simply run the cloth under water for a few seconds to dry again.

The cloth can be placed into the washing machine to remove any residue.

Why use a Swedish Kitchen Cloth?

Most popular dishcloths on the market today are made from a microplastic material, commonly referred to as “microfibre.” Although these cloths will last a long time they are eventually destined for landfill.  Unlike microplastic cloths, Swedish dishcloths are made from natural materials, they do not shed microplastic and when placed in your composting system they will eventually return back to nature.





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Replace every 3-4 months. Biodegradable and Compostable.

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