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Plastic Free Vegan Dental Floss Refills (2 Pack)


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Plastic Free Vegan Dental Floss Refills. Plastic free, biodegradable corn fibre vegan dental floss ginger-mint flavoured, and coated with candelilla wax.

Vegan Plastic Free Dental Floss is packaged in cardboard and printed with non-toxic inks and glues. The security seals on the product are made of PLA (biodegradable plastic).

The FlossPot refill package contains 2 x 50 metre rolls of floss. The refills will fit in glass or stainless steel reusable dental floss containers.

KMH Touches Vegan Plastic Free Dental Floss refills are only available in Australia at EORTH.

USDA Certificated 100% BioBased Product

Please note:

This vegan dental floss is slightly thicker than regular dental floss, it is not wide and flat like dental tape. Some customers who have tightly spaced teeth have found the floss does not glide easily between the teeth. If you are concerned about the thickness of the floss and would like to test the floss before purchasing please email for a free Plastic Free Vegan Floss sample.*

* Available for Australian mailing addresses only.


KMH Touches


Cardboard box printed with non-toxic ink and sealed with non-toxic glues. Biodegradable plastic and security seals.


Candeilia-waxed ginger-mint flavoured pure corn fibre dental floss.

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Can you be in love with floss?

I love this product so much. I won't have to buy a some more for a very long time now. I find this waaay more effective than supermarket bought floss (*cough* **** B), the slightly wider diameter of the floss just seems to pick up food 10x better. Whenever i try my old floss im so disappointed with it, it just can't stick to the food like this floss can!

Alison M.
Love Flosspot Gold floss

Thank goodness for a robust, plastic-free, vegan floss. I believe it does a better job than the commercial plastic floss. Took me a couple of days to get used to the slightly wider diameter, but now, if I run out of Flosspot and have to go back to the old plastic version, I feel that the plastic version is just not as effective. Love the little metal dispenser too.

Elisa C.
Best dental floss ever

Not too thin, not too thick, not too waxy, not too slippery and it doesn’t break during use: this floss is just right. Plus the cute case is unbreakable and the refills a great size. This is the 5th natural, vegan, low/zero waste floss I’ve tried and is the one I’ll stay with. It’s awesome!

Gen R.

Plenty of floss - won't need to buy more for some time!