Lilvio Reusable Safety Razor – Silver


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Billions of plastic razor blade heads and disposable razors are added to landfills across the globe every year. By switching to a reusable safety razor you’ll be helping to reduce the amount of plastic heading to landfill. 

Lilvio’s beautifully sleek 3-Piece double edge Silver Safety Razor is guaranteed to reduce your environmental footprint while providing a smooth, irritation-free shave.

This Silver Safety Razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shave with less irritation than disposable razors. The razor is suitable for men or women.

  • Beautifully packaged in 100% compostable and recyclable cardboard box.
  • Another zero waste, plastic free product that’s now available at EORTH!

Every purchase of a Lilvio Stainless Steel Safety Razor includes 1 package of Shark Safety Razor Blades. (5 Blades)

Make the switch to plastic free, your wallet, your skin and the environment will thank you for it.

How to use your 3-Piece Silver Safety Razor:

  • To add blades to the Safety Razor unscrew the top of the safety razor to release the two pieces from the handle of the safety razor.
  • Remove both pieces from the base of the razor and insert your razor blades. We recommend Shark Razor Blades which are included with your purchase of a Lilvio Safety Razor.
  • Screw the head of the safety razor back onto the handle and use as you would a regular razor.
  • Take care when using your safety razor for the first couple of times, they are much sharper than you may expect.
  • We recommend using a Shaving Soap or any soap that will build up a good foam.
  • Glide gently over the skin for a soft clean shave.





1 Package of Shark Safety Razor Blades (5)


10.7 cm