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Safix – Coconut Fibre Scrub Pad


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Coconut fibre scrub pads effortlessly remove even the most baked on grease. Select from small or large scrub pads.

Should I choose a small or large scrub pad?

The small and large coconut fibre scrub pads work equally well. The small pad is the regular size of a store bought scourer sponge, and is perfect for regular dish washing. If you have larger items you’d like to scrub such as large pots and pans the larger pad may be more suitable.

The size you choose may also depend on your hand size. If you have small hands or the children often help with the dishes, then the small scrub pad may be more suitable. If you’re a male with large hands you may prefer to use the larger scrubbing pad, for a more comfortable fit in your hand.

The larger scrub pad can also be used for cleaning around the home — not just for dishes.

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