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Ditch the plastic dishwashing soap dispensers and wash your dishes just like your grandma did, with a Wire Soap Cage โ€” the perfect tool for waste free dishwashing.

The wire cage will hold 1 bar of Dishwashing Soap, we recommend EORTHยฎ Natural Dish Soap which fits perfectly inside the wire cage!

Wire Cages are made from stainless steel, are heavy duty and the perfect waste free, chemical free way to wash your dishes!

Directions for using your wire soap cage:

To use your wire soap cage:

  • Start by adding a bar of your favourite dish soap to the cage, we recommend EORTHยฎ Natural Dish Soap, the bar fits perfectly inside the wire soap cage.
  • To open the cage and add the soap bar – slide the ring back along the handle. Place the bar inside and close the cage. Slide the right back down to secure the two handles together.
  • Hold the cage under running water (when filling your sink) or agitate the cage through your full sink of water.
  • Either remove the soap bar from the cage when not in use or leave the soap bar in the cage to dry.

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Anna H.
Wire Soap Cage

Love it. Much nicer than a plastic bottle. Easy to use & the soap is dispersed in the water not all froth & bubbles. Very happy.