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Thievery Blend Toothpaste in a Glass Jar


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Nelson Naturals Thievery Blend Natural Zero Waste Toothpaste: now available in Australia!

This exciting new Thievery Blend flavour has hints of mint, cinnamon, citrus, rosemary and clove. This toothpaste flavour is a take on the powerful and popular Thieves oil blend. This blend is known to stimulate the immune and respiratory system, and is used as protection against the flu, colds, and sore throats.

Nelson Naturals mineral rich toothpaste combines powerful and effective ingredients to create a product that is not only as effective, but better than chemical based toothpastes!

A liquid mineral concentrate that is ionic and desalinated is used in the toothpaste. This concentrate contains over 72 different naturally occurring minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Nelson Naturals toothpaste is not only zero waste but it’s also the most effective natural toothpaste you can buy.

What’s the story behind the Thievery Blend?

The Thievery Blend has been formulated from the popular Oil of Thieves, essential oil blend. Oil of Thieves is often used as a natural anti-bacterial oil, many people drop or spray use the essential oil blend oil on their toothbrush prior to brushing, or as a mouth spray to prevent bad odours and germs. It’s also a great illness prevention, the essential oil can be added to a diffuser, to kill of and prevent illnesses.

Thieves oil blend is based on folklore from the 15th century when the bubonic plague was prevalent throughout Europe and Asia. It is said that four thieves from Europe, robbed the deceased, however they were able to avoid contracting the highly infectious plague.

After they were caught and charged with the crimes, they were offered a deal, they were to provide their secret to staying healthy, and in turn would receive a reduced sentence. The thieves accepted the deal and revealed their secret — it’s was the powerful medicinal properties of a special herbal bend that kept the plague away.  In 1997, a Weber State University study found the Thieves Essential Oil blend had a 99.96% success rate at killing airborne bacteria.

Using a combination of the Thievery Blend toothpaste along with the Activated Charcoal blend will not only leave your teeth and gums healthy and germ free, but you’ll also gain a brighter whiter smile.

Want to take your plastic free dental regime all the way? Brush with a bamboo toothbrush and floss with Dental Lace — silk refillable Dental Floss. Now you’re on to a winning zero waste dental combination!

How do you use toothpaste in a glass jar?

Using toothpaste in a glass jar is a slightly different procedure than using your standard tubed version. The key: dip, brush, rinse and smile! The best way to use Nelson Naturals toothpaste is to simple dip your brush into the jar. Unlike your standard toothpaste, you don’t need to apply as much to the brush. A little goes a long way! If the thought of putting your brush back into the jar is unappealing, you can also use a wooden applicator to dip and spread.

What if my toothpaste dries out?

Be sure to place the metal lid back on the glass jar, this should prevent the toothpaste from drying out. If you find the product has dried up or it’s a bit more concentrate than you’d like, simply add some water to the glass jar and stir with a metal or wooden applicator. Start with only a few drops and continue to add until your preferred toothpaste consistency has been reached.

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Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Xylitol, Sea Salt, Colloidal Silver, Castile Soap, Trace Mineral Concentrate, Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, & Peppermint.


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