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Vegan Deodorant – Charm

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Stay fresh all day long with Oakbank Organics natural scented vegan zero waste deodorant.

The Charm deodorant is formulated with coconut oil, bran oil and candellia wax. This zero waste deodorant not only keeps your pits fresh, it has a gentle fresh vanilla scent. The Charm scented deodorant natural palm oil free deodorant incorporates the aromatic scents of Manuka and vanilla.

Palm Oil Free, NO: aluminium, parabens, sulfates,Β mineral oil, phthalates, alcohol, formaldehyde, toxins and preservatives. Not tested on animals.

Oakbank Organics zero waste deodorants are packaged in eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable, renewable, reusable and recyclable paperboard push-up tubes.

Oakbank Organics also use green solar powered energy for their production processes.


Oakbank Organics


Cardboard Tube

Made in



Virgin Coconut Oil, Tapioca, Bran Wax, Candellia Wax, Rice Bran Oil, Magnesium Chloride, Manuka, Vanilla and Rosemary Essential oils.

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Melinda B.
50/50 - Pro/Con

Deodorant once applied smells good and works well all day. However, application onto the under armpits is difficult due to the dry nature of the product. Feels like my skin is being ripped off each time. Am unsure how the design could be improved given it has to stay dry to be in a cardboard holder. Requires some nifty ingenuity.

Sandra C.
Simply amazing

This is the second time I've purchased the vegan charm deo. In the beginning, had very little expectation for this product which is probably why I love it so much now. I didn't expect it to work as well as it does. I was previously using a Dove deospray which has aluminum in it thus the switch. I needed something just as strong that will last me through an intense gym session & has a subtle scent. This deo does just that believe it or not! I have struggled to find the perfect deodorant for me & this is it. I am absolutely hooked. There's no toxins in it, my body won't be absorbing any unknown chemicals, is eco-friendly, sustainable & of course, vegan. It doesn't leave stains on my clothes either which is great. The only downside is that applying it on takes a bit getting used to. It's almost like trying to rub candle wax on your skin & expecting it to stick. It doesn't work like your normal deodorant stick off the shelf but it's definitely better than most. Thank you Eorth! This product is a keeper! I'll be buying only this until you stop selling it & then I'll complain. Haha thanks again!


Thanks so much for this amazing feedback! Don't worry we won't stop selling this product any time soon, Charm is our favourite deodorant in the Oakbank Organics range too!