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KM Touches Plastic Free Vegan Dental Floss. This plastic free, biodegradable corn fibre vegan floss is packaged in a beautiful, unbreakable stainless steel container. FlossPot Gold is ginger-mint flavoured, and coated with candelilla wax.

The stainless steel dispenser contains one 50 metre roll of vegan, zero waste dental floss. The vegan floss is packaged in cardboard and printed with non-toxic inks and glues. The security seals on the product are made from PLA. KMH Touches product grew from the understanding that plastic and teflon were created from petroleum (fossil fuel) products. They instead sourced their product from corn, a viable natural source that quickly returns to nature and is completely biodegradable. Vegan zero waste floss is not certified compostable can safely be placed in your home composting system.

KMH Touches Vegan Dental Floss is only available in Australia at EORTH.

The vegan dental floss refill package contains 2×50 metre floss rolls.

Vegan Plastic Free Dental Floss refills also available in Australia at EORTH.


This vegan dental floss is slightly thicker than regular dental floss, it is not wide and flat like dental tape. Some customers who have tightly spaced teeth have found the floss does not glide easily between the teeth.

What is a USDA BioBased Product Certification?

The BioBased certification program provides accreditation for products whose ingredients are sourced from renewable, biological resources. BioBased products are replacements for petroleum-based products, in the case of FlossPot’s Vegan Dental Floss it replaces plastic/nylon floss.

FlossPot is certified 100%  BioBased. It should be noted while this is an American certification, FlossPot is Canadian product.

Did FlossPot pass the EORTH biodegradability test?

EORTH run non-scientific biodegradability tests in our “bio test patch”. We do this to view firsthand how long “biodegradable” and “compostable” labelled products break down. We’ve tested Patch Band Aid Strips, Compostable Straws (after many months this straw is still perfectly intact) and Bamboo Toothbrushes.

This Plastic Free Vegan Dental Floss as well as the Silk Dental Floss have recently been added to our biodegradability test past test patch. And we are happy to say they both passed the test!

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KMH Touches


Cardboard box printed with non-toxic ink and sealed with non-toxic glues. PLA plastic window and security seals.


Candeilia-waxed ginger-mint flavoured pure corn fibre dental floss.

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Martin S.
Great Floss Alternative

The Vegan Plastic Free Dental Floss is a great alternative to regular plastic floss. The steel reusable container avoids single use plastic. Depending on closeness and sharpness of teeth, I did notice that the floss breaks a little easier than traditional floss, however for the little extra I may use, the environmental benefit far out ways this observation. Would recommend for those wanting a plastic free alternative.

Elisa C.
Best floss ever

Best floss ever and can’t break the cute case!

Alison P.
Too thick

It is really thick and I thought i would nearly pull a tooth out. It has great properties otherwise, no plastic packaging and vegan, just the actually product needs some refining.


I really like that its biodegradable floss and is vegan. Love the little pot it comes with too. It's a bit thicker than usual floss but I do not mind that all, I kinda prefer it. The texture also helps the food get stuck to it. I 100% prefer this than **** b floss.

Callan J.

Breaks a lot, harsh on gums. Might be thicker than normal stuff so doesn’t fit between teeth as well.