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Flat Rate Delivery $7 <500g | $12 >500g
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Wooly Mates Dryer Balls (6 Pack)


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Wooly Mates Dryer Balls are made from 100% Australian Wool. Wooly Mates Wool Dryer Balls are a natural, plastic free, zero waste alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets. The perfect zero waste fabric softener!

Wool Dryer Balls are easy to use, environmentally friendly and great in wet/humid weather — they reduce dryer time saving you time, reducing your carbon output and in turn saving you money!

Laundry dryer balls can be used to soften clothing, bedding and nappies — they’ll also reduce static and wrinkles. Wooly Mates balls are made in Australia.

How do I use my Wool Dryer Balls?

Wool Dryer Balls are placed inside your dryer with your wet load of laundry. Wool Dryer balls are added to the dryer with your regular load of laundry. Wool dryer balls will bounce around your clothes, separating them to allow more air flow. The balls massage your laundry, naturally softening them without the need for chemicals. During the cycle the balls will obtain some of the moisture from the laundry, but will dry naturally during the cycle.

If you like a little scent on your clothes after they have been dried, a drop of two of essential oil can be added to the ball before you place it in the dryer. You can take the balls out after each load is dry and display them in your laundry room — they’ll add some beauty to your room! Want an extra special touch . . . store your essential oils with the laundry balls for easy access to your favourite scents. Don’t have any room to store or display your laundry balls? You can safely leave them in the dryer between uses.

How many dryer balls do I need?

The amount of dryer balls needed each load depends on how big or small your load of laundry is. If you’re running a small load of laundry you’ll only need to add 2 to 4 balls to the cycle. For a larger or heavier load of laundry you may want use up to 6 balls.

What are the benefits of using Laundry Dryer Balls?

Unlike commercial dryer sheets, laundry balls are made from nature. Dryer sheets are used once will will eventually end up in landfill. By using a wool dryer balls you’re reducing plastic pollution and giving back to your environment. Wooly Mates Dryer Balls are 100 per cent plastic free and will break down naturally. Being a biodegradable product makes them the perfect zero waste addition to your laundry room. When they eventually reach their end of use simply add them to your compost and let them breakdown naturally.

You don’t need to replace a dryer ball every few months, a high quality wool dryer ball will last for thousands of loads. The other benefit is that wool dryer balls is chemical free, so you don’t need to worry about the balls accidentally making their way into your kids hands or mouths! Wool laundry balls are, non-toxic and can also be used as toy that gets tossed about the house — it’s so soft it won’t break anything either!


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