Dental Lace, Refillable Dental Floss: biodegradable, compostable and plastic free. Dental Lace silk dental floss is packaged in a cardboard box.

Dental Lace is packaged in a small glass jar making it perfect for travel. Each Dental Lace boxed package contains one small glass dispenser jar and a refillable dental floss package. Dental Lace is not wrapped around any plastic, and after use the discarded floss can be added to your compost.

Concerned about the plastic bag the refill floss comes in? You can rest easy, the additional refill floss is packaged in polylactide acid bags which are created from the lactic acid in plants, and are certified compostable.

Run out of your first two silk floss packages? There’s no need to toss that glass jar away. Silk Dental Lace refills can also be purchased separately, making Dental Lace the perfect zero waste dental floss solution.

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