Nelson Naturals premium plastic free toothpaste available in Australia!

Nelson Naturals Toothpaste is not only plastic free—it’s also germ free. This unique Colloidal Silver formula kills bad breath and germs — not just in your mouth, and on your toothbrush, but also inside the glass jars the toothpaste is packaged in. The perfect zero waste toothpaste brand.

Select from three great flavours: Activated Charcoal (for a brighter, whiter smile), the popular refreshing Spearmint flavour or choose to use the powerful medicinal properties of the Citrus Blend.

This plastic free toothpaste is packaged in a glass jar with metal lid. It’s time to ditch the plastic toothpaste tube and switch to a plastic free, zero waste toothpaste brand.

Put your money were you mouth is, the Earth and your body will thank you for it.

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