Repurposing Glass Toothpaste Jars

Zero Waste Toothpaste

Toothpaste glass jars make the perfect containers for storing herbs and spices!

If you've been shopping at EORTH for the past year you may have  purchased a jar or two of our Nelson Natural's toothpaste, and for those of you that aren't familiar with this brand it's a toothpaste product that's packaged plastic free in a glass jar. 

When you're brushing with a natural zero waste toothpaste the logical question may be . . . what should I do with all those glass jars? You can of course add them to the recycle bin — that's a great option, however a better zero waste option would be to reuse those glass jars!

And it just so happens that Nelson Naturals toothpaste jars are the perfect size for storing herbs and spices.

Could there be a better a use for a vessel that contained natural products, then one that is used to store another natural product?

We don't think so and that's why we've decided to repurpose our glass jars into herb and spice jars, which coincidently are also the perfect size for gifting.

A natural product that just keeps giving!

What do you need to make this awesome green gift?

  1. A few empty jars of Nelson Naturals Toothpaste or Toothpaste Tablets.
  2. A tin of chalkboard paint.
  3. A small paint brush.
  4. A piece of cardboard.
  5. Calk.


  1. A small strip of used sandpaper.
  2. Hemp rope or natural material to attach note to your recipient.

"Don't throw away your glass jars. you can repurpose them to create your own spice collection — or add your herbs and spices and create the perfect zero waste gift set."

Step 1

Use all of the toothpaste or toothpaste tablets in your glass jar. (OK that's an obvious step!).

Clean out your glass jars and remove the outer labels.

Step 2

(Optional) Take your piece of sandpaper and rub the tops of the the metal lids. This step is not necessary, however it's been noted that a rougher surface will allow the paint to adhere better to the lid.

If you are completing this step I would ensure that you give it a good rub so that the surface is smooth, otherwise it may be difficult to write your chalk label on the top of the lid.

Step 3

Fill your empty jars with your favourite selection of herbs and spices. We've selected some of our freshly dehydrated — straight from the garden, dill and carrot leaves. Dried marinated eggplant (also fresh from the garden!) makes a great vegetable powder. And finally we selected our absolute favourite seasoning — orange powder made from dehydrated orange peels.

Step 4

Write on the tops of the labels with coloured chalk to identify your herbs,  spices and seasonings. (Optional) add a note to your recipient and attach with a piece of hemp rope or natural material.

Although we've used some small Nelson Naturals toothpaste jars for this green gifting example, you can use any kind of jar — just make sure it has a metal lid!

No Plastic Please!

Happy zero waste gifting — or happy pantry storage!



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Catherine Anne Earle

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Thanks for reading about living a plastic free lifestyle, I'm Cathy the founder of EORTH Australia, an online store that stocks only plastic free products.

I started EORTH after participating in a Plastic Free July many years ago. Prior to that first Plastic Free July I considered myself to be a fairly environmentally conscious person. A few days into the Plastic Free July challenge I soon became awakened to just how damaging plastics were to the environment, and that although I was conscious of my consumer choices, plastic was still very high on my list of consumables.

After lengthy searches for alternatives to plastic products I soon realised that there were a lot of eco stores to sold some plastic free products, but very few really got down to the heart of the plastics issues and said a big hard "no" to selling products that contained plastics — and that is exactly what EORTH is all about.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management and was the owner and founder of Sun Peaks Independent News, a community newspaper based in British Columbia, Canada.

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