EORTH (pronounced EE-or-th) is an old English word for Earth. EORTH the online store is taking you back to that time, with plastic free products and plastic free packaging. We're going back to a time before single use plastic.

Plastic pollution is a huge global problem, with the biggest offender being single use plastic items. Straws, cups . . .  you name it. EORTH — the online store — was founded with a primary goal to combat this problem.

Last year we participated in our first #PlasticFreeJuly and realized how few shops and online stores actually provided a complete "plastic free" experience. Sure, the product was environmentally friendly, but it was served to consumers shrouded in plastic packaging. When a customer is presented with “organic” shampoo  —packaged in plastic — they may be inclined to think that by selecting an organic product they are being environmentally conscious. But can we really call an organic bottle of shampoo packaged in plastic an environmentally friendly option, considering what we know about plastic pollution?

More plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than was produced in the whole of the last century, and less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide. Clean Up Australia Day notes that over the past 20 years, plastic continues to be the most common item of rubbish picked up during clean up.

It's time to remove the plastic products at the source, as we work on the solutions to the plastic problem. When a product is environmentally friendly on the inside and outside, it's easy to make the right choice — the plastic free choice.

While EORTH strives to be 100% Plastic Free — some stickers, tamperproof security seals or biodegradable plastics from our suppliers may be present in the products we supply.

The packaging used for void fill in shipping is also plastic free, we use an environmentally friendly wood wool product that protects your products during transit.

We continue to look for alternatives to anything plastic, and welcome your feedback and as we work towards becoming your 100% single use Plastic Free Shopping source.

Please join us at EORTH as we work together to fight the global problem of plastics.

Cathy Earle – Founder
Eorth Australia