FNQ Plastic Free Beauty Bundle


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Cassowary Kicker Facial Cleansing Bar

Kick plastic to the curb with a plastic free face wash. Our Cassowary Kicker Facial Cleansing Bar is plastic free inside and out. The Cassowary Kicker doesn't just kick plastic to the curb . . .  it also kicks impurities out the skin.

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Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge (Black)

Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponges are made from the Japanese Konjac vegetable. The sponge is water activated. EORTH's Konjac Sponge contains Activated Charcoal which helps to draw impurities from the skin. It's gentle and soft on the skin, providing a gentle exfoliation and cleanse.

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Daintree Delight Shampoo Bar for Sensitive Scalp

The beautiful scent of eucalyptus and tree tree oils used in our Daintree Delight sensitive scalp shampoo bar represent the tropical aromas of the Daintree rainforest where Eucalyptus and Melaleuca (Tea Trees) grow.

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Products individually packaged in cardboard.