ROSE GOLD 316 Marine Grade Steel Pegs


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316 Marine Grade Quality Stainless Steel Pegs in Beautiful Rose Gold.

Rose Gold 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Clothes Pegs. These incredibly stylish rose gold pegs are packaged in a cotton drawstring bag. 40 pegs per bag.

Ditch the plastic pegs and opt for wire pegs that will not only look beautiful on your clothes line, they’ll last you a lifetime. Stainless Steel pegs won’t break apart when exposed to the harsh Australian heat, nor will they snap apart in your hands. The entire rose gold stainless steel peg is made up of just one single piece of wire!

If you’d like to leave your pegs on the clothes line after you’ve removed your laundry from the line or you live within close proximity to the ocean Stainless Steel – Marine Grade 316 are your best option.

Will my Rose Gold Stainless Steel Pegs heat up in the sun?

The simple answer is no, your stainless steel pegs will not get hot to the touch! These 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel pegs are made from one piece of wire, the loop at the top of the peg allows air to flow through, lessening the ability for the peg to heat up. EORTH have been using wire pegs in the tropical FNQ 40+ degree summer for over 3 years, and we can happily report there’s been no burnt fingers nor have we encountered any rust on our pegs!

Will my Rose Gold Stainless Steel Wire Pegs rust?

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel is the highest grade stainless steel available. 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel is used in marine environments, if it’s good enough to tackle the harsh elements of the ocean then you can rest assured knowing it’s good enough for your clothes line!

Will metal clothes pegs blow off the line in windy conditions?

Although they are a sturdy, heavy duty and long lasting peg, stainless steel pegs are also gentle on your clothes and will hold tight to the line. Both our Rose Gold 316 Marine Grade and regular 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel pegs are a large more sturdy style peg, that will hold your clothes tight to the line.

How many stainless steel pegs should I buy?

A bag of 40 stainless steel pegs is usually enough for a 2-person household. If you have a lot of laundry  then you’ll likely need two bags of pegs (80 pegs).

Not sure which Stainless Steel Pegs are the best for your clothes line? Read EORTH’s guide to finding the Best Environmentally Friendly Clothes Pegs.

Weight .4 kg



59mm (L) x 2mm (D)


40 Pegs


Drawstring Cotton Bag

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Madonna L.
Rose Gold Marine Grade Pegs

Absolutely love our new pegs. They look beautiful and are so lovely to handle. They leave no marks on the clothes despite their strong grip. It was worth the financial investment. Very happy!

Rose gold pegs

Amazing, so pretty so strong! Never buying cheap nasty plastic pegs again.