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Kick plastic to the curb with a plastic free face wash. Our Cassowary Kicker Facial Cleansing Bar is plastic free inside and out.

The Cassowary Kicker doesn’t just kick plastic to the curb . . .  it also kicks impurities out the skin. Cassowary’s are found in the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland, where avocados and coconuts are abundant. So it’s apt that our Cassowary Kicker Facial Cleansing Bar also uses the natural oils of avocado and coconut to deeply moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch.

Cassowary Kicker — the ultimate plastic free, rich moisturising facial cleansing bar.

EORTH’s range of Facial Cleansing Bars and Solid Shampoo Bars are handmade in Queensland. They are palm oil free & vegan friendly.

Want to learn more about activated charcoal? Read our guide on the Benefits of Activated Charcoal.

Maintaining your facial cleansing bar:

To ensure you get the most out of your natural facial cleansing bar it’s best to let it dry out between uses. We recommend placing your facial cleansing bar on a coconut fibre pad, this will allow it to dry out evenly between uses. Coconut fibre pads are biodegradable and can safely be added to your compost.

For best drying results stand your cleansing bar on its smallest side, this will maximise the drying area. Don’t want to take your full bar with you when travelling? Cut the desired amount off your facial cleansing bar and add to your plastic free travel kit.

When your facial cleansing bar starts to get down to the final stages, you can add the small amount of bar left to another soap bar, it can also be used to wash the rest of the body or hands.

Cassowaries in Far North Queensland*:

The Southern Cassowary, which is found in Far North Queensland is listed as endangered under both Queensland and Commonwealth legislation. There are an estimated 4,000 cassowaries left in Australia.

Aside from being an icon of tourism in Far North Queensland, cassowaries also play an integral part in the maintenance of the rainforest ecosystem. Cassowaries eat up to 150 different fruits; and an estimated 70 to 100 plant species depend almost entirely on the cassowary for seed dispersal. A cassowary makes it’s own “mini-compost pile” which helps enrich the rainforest via the distribution of spreading seeds via it’s waste.

* Read more about Cassowaries at Rainforest Rescue




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Handmade in:

Queensland, Australia


olive oil, coconut oil, karite butter, avocado oil, cocoa butter, ricinus oil, aloe vera, lavender, olibanum, petitgrain bigarade, salvia sclarea,black brazilian clay, activated carbon

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sandy s.
Australia Australia
Fabulous for teenage skin

My kids use this daily in the shower with the Konjac sponge and I can see the difference it is making to their skin. Not harsh like store bought products and all natural. Best of all their skin loves it and it's great for clearing up blemishes. This will be a staple in our home.

Feels so clean and fresh!

I love this bar! A new experience for me using a face wash like this and I love it. I also got the Konjac facial sponge and using them together feels so luxurious :) I love that it doesn't leave my face feeling too dried out, just deeply cleaned.

EORTH Australia

Thanks so much for the feedback Angie. So happy you are loving your new Facial Cleansing Bar, it does pair perfectly with the [Black Cockatoo Konjac Sponge](

Rebecca B.
Cleanser good, shipping plastic bad

Hi there, really like your products and your plastic free packaging, but the shipping company you use puts it all inside a plastic bag to deliver it!

EORTH Australia

Thanks so much for the invaluable feedback. We are currently trialing the compostable HERO bags. We started using these for a few reasons. 1. To keep the shipping costs down: Parcels under 500g are required to be in a satchel, we have some cardboard padded satchels but sometimes they are not big enough for the order, so we have been using compostable satchels instead. 2. If we are at all concerned about the products inside being ruined if wet we will place in the compostable bag as we can't always insure that they will be left by the courier in a safe DRY place. We will look to adjust our ordering process so it's clear that the product may be package in a compostable HERO bag and state if they would prefer the parcel sent without it. We're really glad you love the cleanser. And thank you again for the feedback. - Cathy